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Present-day civilization is sometimes called the “civilization of interchange”: the information revolution supposedly draws societies with different religious and ethnic cultures into it. It would seem that every state that joins the new forms of integration should occupy an equal place with others in this civilization. However, if we take a close look at the current worldview, we see something very different—the Euro-Atlantic countries have assumed the right to head the world civilizational centers and dictate the rules to the rest of humanity based on their own political interests and global ideology. This worldview approach can be called nothing short of chauvinistic.

It is this kind of chauvinistic philosophy that is provoking many of the current military, political, and humanitarian crises. Let’s take a look at a recent case in point—the hysteria around the 2016 Olympic Games. The report of WADA lawyer Mr. McLaren (Canada) is no more than an unfounded opus lacking in any jurisprudential sense. When I read it, I could not believe that this document had been written by a professional, so accusatory and incoherent was the text and so chock full of primitive tales made out of whole cloth. Unfortunately, such “custodians of the law” do in fact exist. I am sure that if the Russian International Olympic Committee filed a lawsuit on an honor offense against its government in an independent international court, the mud-slinging author would be made to pay a multi-million fine… I am not defending the athletes who broke the rules; I am merely drawing attention to the lack of professionalism of the so-called elite staff of civilizational centers.

Another recent example is the 2016 Paralympics and the speech and decision of President of the International Paralympics Committee Sir Philip Craven (Great Britain). His report also lacked any legal or moral sense. However, I learned that he had had no more than two hours’ sleep for five days in a row, which seems to have clouded his reason when making such a radical decision to prohibit Russian invalids from participating in the 2016 Paralympics. You’d think he would be a conscientious man. But something else comes to mind. For the past twenty-five years in particular (in fact it has been since 1713), the 46-million population of Spain has been asking, demanding, begging for Gibraltar, an occupied part of the country’s territory, to be returned to its rightful owner. It is absolutely absurd, in a united EU, for one member of the community to be retaining control of the territory of another member of the same organization. Is this not perhaps what is keeping Mr. Craven from his sleep? Forty-six million Spaniards are beseeching for part of their ancestral lands to be returned, but Great Britain is ignoring these pleas, while demanding that Russia return Crimea! Incidentally, Great Britain is the largest owner of colonies in today’s world. It essentially occupies 19 small countries. Cyprus, Mauritius, Argentina, and Chile have been unsuccessfully claiming their rights to some of these territories for decades. While the international courts and London have nothing to say. After all, Great Britain has nuclear weapons on its side! It is all very fine and democratic to demand something that is not yours, but there is no way you are going to return something you have seized by force yourself! Or another story from the past: the formation of the Israeli state. One of the main adversaries of this historical and just act—the creation of a Jewish state for the most long-suffering nation in the world—was Great Britain. It opposed this plan with weapons. The U.S., U.S.S.R., and other countries recognized Israel in literally a few hours. Great Britain deigned to recognize it only under strong pressure from the world community and not until two years after Israel’s de facto existence. If Mr. Craven is over 70, the formation of the Israeli state is obviously the time he began suffering from insomnia. Poor thing!

And a few days ago, a representative of the global civilizational center Mr. Morell (U.S.) publically called on live television for killing Iranians and Russians in Syria, and doing away with these scoundrels on the sly so that the blame did not fall on the U.S. army, for supporting Saddam in the past and helping Asad today. This was when I began wondering if it was not perhaps this U.S. hawk’s statement that was disturbing sentimental Sir Craven’s sleep?

While pondering on the present-day global civilization, I began thinking about a few of its peculiarities: why are 23 of the 27 international sports federations headed by representatives of NATO countries? Why are the headquarters of 19 international federations also located in NATO countries? Why is WADA situated in a NATO country? And why is there no declared democratic rotation? For example, the WADA could be located in Canada for five years, in Shanghai for the next five years, then in Jerusalem, then in Hanoi, Tehran, Cape Town, and so on. Why are 10 of the 15 members of the International Paralympics Committee representatives of NATO countries and its headquarters located in a NATO country? Why are the key positions in this international committee—the president, chief executive director, athletes’ spokesman, and corporate director—occupied by representatives of NATO member states? Why are almost all the international law organizations—courts, Interpol, and patent departments—located in NATO countries? Why are almost all the well-known international humanitarian organizations—the UNHCR, UNESCO, FAO, WFP, UNICEF, WHO, and the International Red Cross—located in the U.S. and European countries (the only exception being UNEP, whose headquarters are in Nairobi)? It turns out that the present-day world civilization is a product of NATO!

So the main question is how did it happen that almost all of the world civilizational centers are under the control of the Euro-Atlantic community and located in their homes, on their streets, in their cities, and in their countries? Do you mean to say that they are more intelligent, more distinguished, more educated, and more humane than the Chinese, Italians, Japanese, Russians, Vietnamese, Persians, Indians, Indonesians, Georgians, Turks, and other nations? Are their streets, houses, and cities cleaner, brighter, or more beautiful? Do they enjoy perfect law and order, with no murders, robberies, thefts, or harassment? Do other countries not have courts, office facilities, or sports arenas? Do they not have transport infrastructure, medical centers, or physicians? They have all of this, and it is often of a better quality. So is what we are seeing not a blatant case of civilizational chauvinism? After all, 800 million people are ignoring, humiliating, and disdaining 7 billion co-inhabitants of the Planet. America, Canada, Britain, and the other NATO countries form the civilization center of the world. Today’s British barbarians are making the Spaniards groan. It is horrific to look at the pictures on the Internet of a young British woman publically performing oral sex on her own compatriots right at the bar for the sake of a measly drink, while they wait patiently in line for their piece of satisfaction. A Chinaman, Japanese person, Italian, Russian, Persian, Georgian, Korean, Turk, Kazakh, or Azeri would at least have removed this young woman from the scene to prevent her from shaming her own nation and culture, while the British patiently await their turn and then post this and similar evidence of boundless debauchery on the Internet without batting an eye. The newspapers of the Spanish town of Benidorm often publish telling pictures of street sweepers waking up drunken half-naked Brits lying around on the sidewalks and public lawns with streams of cold water… These wayfarers include old and young, men and women. The overwhelming majority of humanity, left by the Euro-Atlantic community without civilizational centers, experiences moral shock when seeing such examples of so-called high culture. It would do sensitive Sir Craven a world of good to take a look himself at how atrociously his compatriots behave in the resorts of Portugal and Spain, while he, suffering from insomnia, insults Russian invalid athletes with his suspicions of possible, and again I emphasize, possible abuse of doping.

The politicians of the NATO countries trumpet human rights, universal prosperity and democracy, civilizational progress, and political sovereignty, while in reality we are seeing a very different picture of human development. The civilizational centers mentioned above are structured in such a way that behavioral and mental values are always Western. They have no transparency and no rotation in anything that concern global political, cultural, educational, or sports projects; while they are urging the rest of civilization to take the same path—the path of Western civilization.

The way I see it, today’s world has many different civilizations, several of which are much older than the Western, and far from all of them are willing to take on the Euro-Atlantic cultural-mental matrix. Many are aware of the different worldview of non-Western societies. If the balance of power between different civilizations is not restored in the near future, world conflicts will become all the more frequent. For the clash of civilizations is the greatest threat to the world, while international order based on civilizational integration is the most reliable way to prevent world wars. Humanity’s future hangs in the balance and requires a new principle of civilizational identity. It must restore to its rightful place the principle of humanity’s common destiny and community of all civilizations. There can be no other path to the establishment of cross-national world relations. The civilizational centers must be rotated and changes made in their staffing policy. Then the world will become a more peaceful and dependable place…

P.S. I am appealing to wealthy men in Russia and Iran to establish a financial fund, put around $400,000 in it, find well-known American lawyers (do not trust McLaren), and ask them to bring Mr. Michael Morell to court on charges of invoking terrorism. It would also be a good idea to post information in the U.S. and other NATO countries that some people have forgotten, while others have never known in the first place, i.e. a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb will destroy everything in an area of 3,500 square kilometers, and Russia and the U.S. have ten thousand nuclear and hydrogen bombs each.


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