About the project

Prointellekt - the project of writer Alexander Potemkin.

Prointellekt offers advanced scientific research and technology, expert evaluation of the key processes in culture and society, the latest knowledge about human psychology, philosophical concepts, futurologist forecasts, and reviews of contemporary intellectual literature.

My project focuses on humanity, the intellect, and the future.

I am dedicated to shedding light on the most pertinent theories, ideas, and trends in different areas.

I focus on examining scientific advancements, gaining a greater understanding of contemporary humanity, and embracing social change.

In the contemporary world, several increasingly informationalized and intellectualized basic technologies change hands at once during the lifetime of one generation. This is leading to an increase in the role of the intellect of the individual, the collective, and society as a whole, to an increase in the range of tasks and problems to be solved, and to the need to create new intellectual resources.

Genetic engineering, artificial intellect, nanotechnology and the active development of neuroscience do not change the fact that culture remains the basic determinant of the way people think, while humanity is turning to existentialist questions. What is humanity? Has it reached the limits of its development? What will it be like in the future? Will it be able to overcome illness, aging and death? What will happen to our civilization? What cultural and social aspects are important? 

Intellectual creativity is a social mechanism that counters regressive social trends, while intellectual potential has always been a component of successful development.

I hope that this site will promote a revival of the intellectual and social environment and stimulate creative and cultural processes. I also hope it will be an enlightening project that brings likeminded people together.

I invite readers to join the discussion of the materials posted on the site. I look forward to cooperating with new authors.

Alexander Potemkin