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- The Wanderings of the Consciousness of a Pessimist -

Alexander Potemkin,  13 February at 9:51 0 2746

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and Young People,

Despite the popularity of this method for measuring the intellect, its results are extremely dubious… Today (2017), there is no precise way to measure intellectual abilities. I would like to offer the world community an optimal way to measure the intellect. It is related to the intellectual contribution outstanding individuals have made to the development of world civilization:

Confucius – 551 B.C.

Aristotle – 384 B.C.

Newton – 1643 A.D.

Kant – 1724 A.D.

Beethoven – 1770 A.D.

Dostoevsky – 1821 A.D.

Mendeleev 1834 A.D.

Planck – 1854 A.D.

Einstein – 1879 A.D.

Bohr – 1885 A.D.

Dali – 1904 A.D.

Ginzburg – 1916 A.D.

I evaluate their contribution to the development of scientific, creative, and philosophical thought at the highest index – 200 HIC (higher intelligence consciousness).

HIC – unit of higher intelligence consciousness.

Alexander Potemkin

Dear readers! 

If your HIC ("H-I-C" the highest expression of consciousness, higher intelligence consciousness) is less than 100, then please do not purchase this book, it is unlikely that you will enjoy reading it.

The book does not address issues of love and hate, and no criminal history and detective.

The novel consist of  360 pages, 300 of which are written as continuous text without any paragraph demarcation.

Russian edition of the novel was published in 2017, English edition is forthcoming.

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