EuRICAA: Funding of the First Global Infrastructural Project

Alexander Potemkin,  25 November at 14:09 0 6183

Ever since information about the EuRICAA initiative in several languages began appearing on the Internet, the project author has been receiving many approving and controversial responses and, of course, questions on his website. Some of the most popular, and admittedly, pertinent readers’ comments have addressed the project’s funding. People from all over the world are wondering about this. For instance, German citizen Reinhardt Mueller asks, “How will the funding for such an enormous undertaking be organized?” “Who will be responsible for investing in and managing the project?” writes Hugo from Chile. People in the U.S. are saying, “You are talking about trillions of dollars. How do you plan on accumulating such a huge amount of money and were will EuRICAA’s headquarters be located?” Russians are putting the questions differently, “… won’t it mean siphoning off budget money? It sounds like it. Who is responsible for managing the funds and how will reporting of the use of budget money be handled?”

Alexander Potemkin: “Even though the questions are all different, everyone interested in how the EuRICAA project will be funded is right about one thing—a vast amount of money will be needed. I, as the initiator, along with my assistants Olga Karoza and Mila Rothschild, am drawing up a funding plan for the EuRICAA mega highway aimed at clarifying advancement of the project in monetary terms. We would not have publicized the EuRICAA if we didn’t have a funding plan. To make it perfectly clear, the traditional budgets of the world’s countries will not be involved in this project, rather funding will be provided by other sources. Furthermore, people will be appointed to keep tabs on the funds, which, naturally, must be accumulated in a structure that is created and controlled exclusively by the UN. We think a special program should be developed based on blockchain technology so that anyone who wishes can have access to the accounting documents on the use of investment funds; the reports will be drawn up once a quarter. This will make it possible to control and monitor the transactions both at the level of national funds and at the level of the project’s general fund. We are planning to publish the initial contents of the funding plan in mid-August.”